Benefits Of Home Security

home security panelSure, you have to arm and disarm, and constantly monitor your home security system. But, these trivial details are worth the hassle, when you realize the benefits these systems provide to you, your family, and your home. These are some of the benefits they provide.

1. Valuables Are Protected

Pricey electronics, jewelry, and other possessions you own, are likely some things you wish to protect. Simply having a system in place will help to deter potential threats of burglary. Not only will this protect your valuables, but also help bring down claims you have to file.

2. Crime Deterrence

A Rutgers study conducted in 2009 showed that when homeowners in an area installed security systems, the number of crimes in the area went down as well. You are protected, but so is everyone in your neighborhood when you opt to install a new security system in your home.

3. Remote Access

remote camera accessWith simple to use home automation features and apps, you can control the systems from anywhere today. Lock the doors, turn off lights, turn up the thermostat, and easily arm or disarm the system with the touch of a button.

4. Keep Insurance Rates Down

Yes, you pay for your home security system. But simply having one installed can help bring down the cost of owner's insurance by up to 20%, which will outweigh the low monthly cost of installing a new system.

5. Lessen Fire or Gas Leak Potential

Carbon monoxide, gas leak, and other notifications can be set up with your security provider. This not only signals something is wrong, but you can run home to make sure there are no threats, which will help deter a huge disaster without these systems being installed.

6. Monitor The Kids

With cameras installed, when you are at work you can monitor the kids with the automation apps. You can even remotely unlock the doors for them when they come home from school. Not only do you know they are safe, you always know what is going on in the home when you are not there to watch them yourself.

7. Lower Electric Bills

thermostat automationSmart systems are included with many security systems. If you forget to turn the air off, you can do so from your smart phone. Left the lights on? Turn them off with the touch of a button from your app. If you leave something plugged into the outlet, shut it off from your phone. Not only will this eliminate safety risks, it will also help keep your energy bills low.

8. Peace Of Mind

You want to be safe; with the peace of mind a security system brings, you have that safety blanket that everything in your home is safe, and your family is always safe.

If you want an extra layer of defense in the home, a home security system is the solution you've been looking for. Whether you own or rent, it can protect your home and family. Find out what system is right for you, and which features you need to protect your family, prior to deciding which new system to install.

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