Get Protected With A Home Security In Cedar Hills, UT

Cedar Hills home security system When moving to Cedar Hills, UT, or if you have lived there for years, protecting your home or apartment from a break in with a Cedar Hills home security system is the first thing you should consider. The FBI stated that theft occurs in a home every 4.8 seconds and a break in every 18 seconds in the US, so why not protect your Cedar Hills home before you fall victim to these stats? With professional intrusion security systems your home is protected not only from thieves and burglars, but carbon monoxide and other threats as well. With systems which allow you to see your home even when you aren't there, you are fully protected from threats in Cedar Hills. You can save up to 20% on a new security system, plus have the peace of mind in knowing your home and family are always protected! Get a free quote today!

Home Security Today

top security technology Only a few years ago, home security systems were so basic that most would only beep if your home's front door was opened, with advanced systems sending emergency signals through a phone wire when potential threats were nearby. Today you still need chimes, sensors, and a control panel at the heart of your security system to monitor your home. But, in recent years, many new systems and features have truly changed the way in which your home is protected. Reliable, rich Cedar Hills, UT home scurity systems today allow for wire-free home monitoring; that means no drilling or large wires hanging off every wall in the home. The convenience of tablets and smartphones has made its way to home monitoring, even offering homeowners security monitoring when they are away from the home. Today, no major security provider lacks these wireless systems due to their exceptional capabilities. Not only are sensors wireless, the central monitoring stations are as well. With GSM technology, your entire security system is no longer compromised if an intruder cuts a phone wire, which was the case only a few years back. Cellular backups allow you to monitor via VoIP and mobile devices today.

Cedar Hills Security Cameras

top notch ip security camera Advances in imaging technology not only gave us finer pixel and image quality on mobile devices, also the ability to monitor our homes through a Cedar Hills, UT home security camera system. Today, there is no more grainy black and white still photos; most companies offer clear image quality and even HD monitoring. All this tucked behind the system, in a tiny space, so intruders never even know you have a system installed. With DVRs, we can replay footage if there is a security breach, and zoom capabilities even allow us to get up close to view every fine detail the secuirty cameras has captured.

Home Automation Technology

home automation demo This technology is one of the greatest advances in home monitoring in recent years. Two way wireless and mobile apps provide us the ability to view our home from anywhere in the world, and to monitor our property even when we aren't there. These apps allow you to adjust the thermostat, turn lights on or off, lock your doors, and the most essential, arm your security system if you forgot to do so when you left your home. To learn more about a Cedar Hills home security system with automation, call us today at 866-364-7666.

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