5 Home Security Tips

Something as simple as leaving a bike on the patio or porch will attract intruders or burglars to your home. If you recently bought a new TV or pricey electronic, leaving a box in front of your home draws attention to the fact that you recently bought new electronics. These simple things which you really don't think to be all that harmful can make your home a prime target for burglars and intruders. Further, placing your pricey or lavish goods in plain view, right in front of windows or glass doors, is a huge eyesore which potential lurkers are looking for. Consider these simple tips if you wish to keep your home safe, and avoid the possibility of a break in to your home.

Let Them Know Someone Is Home

light in the window illusionCreate an illusion someone is always home. If burglars know there is someone in the home, they are far less likely to try to break in to your home. Leave the porch light on, play the stereo during the day or leave the TV on. Simply placing a sign on your front yard that says you have a home security system is sometimes enough to dissuade them from trying to break in. If you can fake them out, they are less likely to try to break in. Not all burglars are turned away, but your home is less likely to be the prime target if they believe someone is home.

The Spare

spare key under matPeople leave spare keys under the front door mat, on a light post, or directly above the door. Not only does this call attention to burglars, it calls attention to your neighbors as well. Burglars are always watching, even when you can't see them. If they happen to see your kids grabbing a spare key under the front mat, your home is their next target. A better option is to give a spare to a neighbor you trust or having a secure lock box outside the home. Doing this still allows you to have a spare in case you lock your keys in the home, but also eliminates a potential threat, which you are personally giving to potential intruders in the neighborhood.

Doors & Windows

home windowWith older homes, a professional burglar can break in by simply popping the door off its frame, even if the door is locked, the same goes for windows. So, if possible, install new doors and windows; but, even with this, there is a threat with these areas of the home. When you aren't there, consider putting down a steel bar or dowel which can keep the doors and windows securely shut at all times. With wooden windows, you can install stoppers to help keep them locked at all times. If a burglar sees an opportunity, even a small one, they are likely to try and take it. Secure doors and windows, and if you can afford it, consider installing new, heavy duty ones throughout the home.

Tell The Authorities

Why not prevent the crime before it occurs? If you are taking a lengthy business trip or vacation, tell the cops and ask if they could patrol your neighborhood during the evenings. Free security evaluations are offered by many police stations, and neighborhood watch teams can also help prevent crimes. Community policing is a great practice if you know your neighbors. Find out everything you can about local authorities, and also let patrol teams know where you are, or if you are going to be away from your home for some time.

5. Lessen Fire or Gas Leak Potential

home gas leakCarbon monoxide, gas leak, and other notifications can be set up with your security provider. This not only signals something is wrong, but you can run home to make sure there are no threats, which will help deter a huge disaster without these systems being installed.

Know Who Lives Nearby

It is a proven fact that tight knit neighborhoods see fewer burglaries. Not only do the neighbors respect each other, but if they see a potential threat when you are away, they will check it out, or call the cops for you. So, learn who your neighbors are, get to know them, and find out if there are sheriff organizations or community patrol organizations where you live. Join them, and be an active member. Not only will this help you get to know your neighbors, it is also going to make them trust you, and will help build a safer place for everyone who lives there.

There is no way to prevent burglaries from occurring 100% of the time. But, these simple practices will help eliminate your home as being a prime target, and will also help to create a safer community for everyone who lives in your neighborhood.

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